2 years ago

So how to people train here?


Oh, no, it’s OK. Well, the first time, someone pushed me by accident and I fell against a table full of glasses and stuff. I should have been seriously injured, but yeah, my skin turned into diamond…

And the second time I was having an argument with my mother. Nothing serious. But when I flung my hands into the air, diamonds shot out of my fingers.

Well it seems like you primarily use it on a defensive or reactive basis. Perhaps if you work with someone who has the ability to put you under a lot of pressure driven situations, you’ll be able to trigger it manually. Diamonds are formed through high amounts of pressure, so that would make sense if you were feeling emotionally pressured I would definitely get in touch with one of the other people I mentioned—perhaps Earl or Aaron. Tell them about what I said and whatever you feel necessary and perhaps they will be able to help you.